Maximising Customer Retention & Finance Renewals

This course will enable participants to improve their interaction between the business and its customers. Delegates will gain a detailed understanding of why it’s essential to build and sustain an effective 'finance renewals culture' and how to positively impact their conversion ratios, unit sales and overall success.


  • CRM Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • New and Used Sales Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Sales Executives

All delegates will gain further knowledge and understanding of the importance of customer retention in modern automotive retailing. They will be equipped with the confidence and tools needed to effectively manage and drive sales from their existing customer database. This improved 'finance renewals culture' will help support both brand standards and the department financial plan.

2 Days

Core Topics:
  • The importance of an effective 'renewals culture'
  • Relationship between customer service and renewals
  • Customer buying motives and loyalty
  • Retention versus renewal
  • Where are you now versus your objective?
  • Implementing a renewal strategy and optimising your day
  • The best customer contact tools
  • Practical case play exercises
  • Validation exercise
  • Role-play
  • Live calling session
  • Delegate action plans and feedback

Finance Training