Company Cars - An Alternative

This course is designed to develop the professionalism, knowledge and sales skills of Sales Manager, Business Managers, Transaction Managers and Sales Executives when dealing with company car drivers who intend to take a cash alternative.


  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Business Managers

The course will enable participants to understand the sales opportunities presented by this evolving market. They will develop a practical understanding of the latest Inland Revenue rules covering benefits in kind on cars and fuel type. They will be able to identify the true value of a cash allowance and will develop a practical understanding of the latest rules covering Inland Revenue authorised mileage allowances. Finally, they will be able to use a model to arrive at an accurate figure upon which a finance offer can be based.

1 Day

Core Topics:
  • Maximising the sales opportunity
  • Calculating the benefit in kind saving – cars and fuel type
  • Calculating the true value of a cash allowance
  • Reaching an accurate, professional sales conclusion using a simple model to arrive at the relevant figure
  • Business Managers – using the above model as part of an effective handover process
  • Claiming the tax allowances – overview
  • Case study and additional information
  • Practice the complete calculation using a typical sales situation
  • Overview – the latest UK budget proposals 

Corporate Sales Training