For those automotive retailers who require more comprehensive support we developed The MFG Sales Generator Plus ™.


Retailers who book this new offering will benefit from having our automotive experts remain onsite once the initial skills development and live calling sessions have been completed. Our team will become a part of your team - providing support in the days running up to and during the event to help convert as many sales as possible.

From action plans, stock optimastion and deal stacking guidance through to support with negotiation and closing, we’ll be right by your side to ensure the hard work from earlier in the week translates to significant profit at the end of the week. We can work behind the scenes or interact directly with your customers.

Rest assured, with an MFG expert onsite, you’ll be performing at your peak.


How it works:


1. Booking

Secure your preferred dates in line with your specific objectives and retailer team availability.


2. Data selection

Compile 200 lines of customer data per caller. Depending on objectives this can include finance, lost sale, conquest or aftersales data.


3. Dedicated support for 4.3 days

Our automotive sales expert will be onsite with you and be part of your team in the run-up to and during your sales event.


4. In-Dealer Training & Coaching

We train and coach your teams onsite - splitting into two cohorts so your business can work as usual in the background.


5. Live customer Calls

Your sales team ends day 1 and day 2 with 2 hours of live telephone calls - refining the new skills and processes learnt in training to secure appointments.


6. Senior Management Training

We’ll embed best-in-class disciplines across your organisation and help ensure everyone is 100% focused on converting sales.


7. Live Team & 1-To-1 Coaching

We’ll be on hand to help your team deal with real-life retailer situations as they arise – ensuring no missed sales opportunities.


8. Retailer Action Plan

We’ll create and execute a detailed action plan so everything runs like clockwork and customers get the best service possible.


9. Stock Optimisation & Display

We’ll work with you to identify priority stock for the event and then help set up the showroom to show it off in the best way possible (in line with brand standards).


10. Deal Stacking Guidance

If required, we’ll work with you to establish the best approach to deal stacking, to optimise dealing efficiency during the weekend.


11. Customer Interaction

We can present ourselves as a second member of your team to help with negotiation and closing.

comprehensive reporting.gif

12. Comprehensive Reporting

You will have access to the MFG Performance Dashboard which provides a live overview of appointments, show-ups, sales and conversion rates.


13. Immediate Sales boost

See the instant impact on your bottom line as your sales team hosts a packed schedule of appointments and converts them into sales.


14. Repeat As Required

With new skills firmly embedded in their day to day working, your team can easily generate a much-needed sales boost time after time.

Typical Weekly Itinerary

  • Tuesday (09:00 - 19:30)

    MFG Trainer Onsite - In-Dealer Training & Calling

  • Wednesday (09:00 - 19:30)

    MFG Trainer Onsite - In-Dealer Training & Calling

  • Friday (09:00 - 12:00)

    MFG Trainer in dealer for 2-3 hrs to ensure preparation has begun to be implemented for dealer sales weekend

  • Saturday (09:00 - 17:00)

    MFG Trainer in dealer from 9 – 5pm to assist management team, sales team, engage with customers (if required), monitor show up and conversion levels

  • Sunday (09:00 - 17:00)

    MFG Trainer in dealer from 9 – 5pm to assist management team, sales team, engage with customers (if required), monitor show up and conversion levels




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