Freeing Up Time - Removing Your Organisation's Digital 'Comfort Blanket'

Too busy? Want to free up at least an hour a day?

This sounds like the opening to an advert for a mail order scam and if you are someone who can receive as many as 150 emails a day you might be tempted to answer it. In an increasingly busy digital age  it can be difficult to separate the urgent from the important.  

While technology enhances our lives in many ways many of us would also agree that we spend inordinate amounts of time reading emails that have little or no importance to us. And a high proportion of the irrelevant emails are sent to us in a ‘reply to all’ (RTA) email. 

So, if we reduced the RTAs in our organisation, then we’d all have so much more time for the important stuff? Right? So, why don’t we just ban RTAs from our organisations?

If only it were this simple! We do need RTAs, but only when this information is important to the organisation.    

So if we cannot ban RTAs we need to consider why our colleagues/employees use them.

Common reasons include:

  • To make themselves appear more important to their colleagues and bosses
  • To ‘cover their backs’ for an action they have taken 
  • To make themselves feel more comfortable with a decision they’re not sure about
  • They may feel out of the loop, so it’s an “I’m still here” reminder

In short, it's a digital 'comfort blanket.'

So, very much like when we try to remove our children’s comfort blankets, it can take time and reassurance to remove them. 

All four of the reasons above could be improved if the employee felt more confident about the way their bosses felt about them and that they were encouraged and empowered to make their own decisions. Which in turn, should lessen the employee's need to RTA. 

As leaders of a business, spending a little time each week with your employees could exponentially free up more time each day for other important tasks. Not clearing your inbox.


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