Successful Automotive Prospecting Post-GDPR

As we approached GDPR D-Day we witnessed a natural concern among clients about who they could contact - with many ‘playing it safe’ and freezing all outbound communications. However, with a cleaner, robust and more accurate database many are now reaping the financial rewards.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018 and applies to all UK organisations holding or processing personal data. It is designed to strengthen the data rights of individuals and to crack down on the misuse of data by organisations.

Protection and control

Fundamentally GDPR is about protecting personal information and giving individuals more control over how they're communicated with - putting the impetus on business owners to ensure that they are compliant under the new law.

The new legislation is certainly robust, much needed and ensures that any company worth its salt puts the security, safe storage and correct use of customer data at the very heart of their organisation - always making sure that they have the required permissions or lawful basis for processing, storing or handling their data.

Business benefits

While it required significant time and effort to complete a detailed data audit and thorough exploration of how data moves through your organisation, as an automotive retailer, GDPR compliance offers a wealth of benefits. 

The absolute beauty of GDPR is that:

  • It encourages thorough preparation for any customer communication
  • It makes us keep proper records
  • It makes us focus on what our customers really want
  • It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our calls
  • It stops us hoarding bad data

As you can see, GDPR is not here to kill useful, productive and profitable conversations and business growth. It is designed to ensure you communicate with people who have confirmed they are happy to hear from you or where there is a legitimate interest in them hearing from you

Provided you are talking to customers that have either bought a car from you, have had their cars serviced with you, have confirmed they are happy to be a prospect, have purchased parts and you have fitted them, or have been through any form of body repair with you then you are quite safe to pick up the telephone to discuss current matters or prospect for new business.

And provided you are talking to these customers in a connected, warm, relevant, professional and engaging manner you are much more likely to generate appointments and ultimately sales.

Profitable conversations

Gone are the days of wasting time calling incorrect numbers, trying to contact prospects that don’t exist or talking to people who have no intention of ever buying from you at all. 

Now you have the perfect platform for efficient and productive two-way communication between both you and your customers. Don’t put off those prospecting calls, be excited by them and what they could deliver for your business.

We’re already seeing the positive impact of the GDPR in the events we have run in the last few months and look forward to helping many more dealerships increase sales through powerful prospecting conversations.

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