Human Performance Toolkit: Introduction

With a growing senior team, we now have more automotive expertise within MFG than ever before. So in the coming weeks we'll be asking members of that senior team to share key insights that can help transform dealership performance.

First up is our Head Of Sales & Performance, Pita Marroni...

Pita Marroni - Head Of Sales & Performance

With close to 30 years of retail automotive industry experience to call on there’s certainly no shortage of subject matter but I began to think about what has made the most significant positive impact on my automotive career to date.  

That was easy – human performance hacks.  

In other words, small habits and disciplines during my week that all add up to make a big positive difference.

I’ve been studying this subject with great interest and results since March 2016. You can see the difference it’s made to me personally below: 


Nothing quite says it like a ‘before and after’ photo!  Both images are from 2016, just 10 months separates them although most of the change occurred within a couple of months.  

The right hand image was taken during a gym session with my personal trainer after a long Monday at work. The image on the left was taken a few months later after not going to the gym for 10 months, not counting calories and generally not following conventional wisdom - which I’d come to the conclusion wasn’t helping me much. 

So, what happened?  

Sure, I lost a lot of weight and had a shave but that’s just a fraction of the story.  

It’s the impact that simple ‘life hacks’ (let’s call them performance hacks) had on the way I performed at work each day that were even more profound than physical changes.  

Inflammation disappeared, as did acid reflux, food cravings, energy crashes, eczema, headache and migraine. Simultaneously, cognitive function improved, decisions came easier and procrastination declined.

I was simply able to get on with my working day, being more efficient and much more productive.

In the coming weeks I’ll share some of these performance hacks in a few short articles. 

Nothing too technical, just practical advice aimed directly at how you can slay your day in automotive retail.  

The articles will be as follows: 

  1. Sleep Strong Perform Stronger – The impact of sleep quality on your day and practical advice how to improve your sleep quality
  2. The Morning Routine To Rule Your Dealership Day – how to start on the front foot, practical tips and myth busting the bad stuff
  3.  Fuel For Max Performance – how to avoid the dreaded daily energy slumps and go flat out all day without the Red Bull, dealership biscuits or the customer gifted box of Cadbury Heroes!

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