Sales Manager's Toolkit: Successful Communication

What are some of the biggest barriers to effective communication?

The way in which we communicate has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the messages we are trying to convey and can often make the difference between success or failure. 

As we strive to build successful and high performing teams, what are some of the pitfalls to avoid?

Hearing what we want to hear
What we hear when someone speaks to us is largely based on our own experience and background. Instead of hearing what people have told us, sometimes we hear what our minds tell us they have said.

Ignoring conflicting information
We tend to ignore or reject information that conflicts with our own beliefs and just pass it off as being false and untrustworthy which is often not the case.

Perceptions about the communicator
It is difficult to separate what we hear from our feelings about the person who says it. If we like the person we are more likely to accept what they say whether it is right or wrong and vice versa. 

Words mean different things to different people
Don’t assume that because something has a certain meaning to you, it will convey the same meaning to someone else.

Non-verbal communication
When trying to understand the meaning behind something that someone else has said we not only listen to the words but we also analyse how they said it through their body language. However, there can be huge scope for misinterpretation here.

Our emotions colour our ability to convey or to receive the true message that is being delivered. For example, if we feel threatened or anxious, what we hear may feel more threatening than it actually is.

Any interference to communication is noise. It can literally be noise which prevents the message from being heard or figurative in the shape of confused information which distorts or obscures the meaning.

The larger and more complex an organisation, the greater the communication challenge, due to the levels of management the message has to pass through. The more levels, the more potential for misunderstanding.

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