NEW Masterclass: Inbound Enquiry Conversion

We’ve built an industry-leading reputation for our outbound prospecting events and now we’re introducing a new Masterclass to help sales professionals convert INBOUND enquiries into profitable appointments too.

Using our unique MFG method - combined with Personal Impact and Coach the Coach training - we help sales professionals convert inbound enquiries on new and used vehicles (via telephone, email or live chat) into profitable appointments.

Typically we see between 65% and 80% of enquiries translate into appointments - the long-term average (12 month rolling data) for clients past and present currently stands at 74%.

That’s an appointment conversion rate of almost three appointments for every four enquiries - all from a two-day Masterclass delivered at your retail site for minimum disruption.



  • Significantly improved telephone appointment conversion rates
  • Increased email appointment conversion rates
  • Increased live chat conversion rates
  • Improved face-to-face sales ability
  • Better quality appointments
  • Coach the Coach skills for your team leaders
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits



The Masterclass runs over two days and we focus on three key areas:

1. Personal Impact Coaching

Our behaviours - and impact on others - can be broken down into three distinct subjects:

State of Mind - Am I at my best, or not at my best?
Physical - Body language, voice and appearance.
Vocabulary - The effectiveness of the words we choose to use.

The Personal Impact module gives your team the ability to apply the right behaviours in tandem with a great technical method for handling enquiries.

2. The MFG Method

Hundreds of sales professionals use our unique method every day to great effect - in the last 2+ years it has been used on over 17,600 enquiries with an average appointment conversion rate of 74%.

During this part of the Masterclass we explain this method in detail by looking at:

  • Buyer motivation
  • Raising motivation through questioning and active listening
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • Next steps

All of this is designed to ensure the high quality of the appointment and is delivered through a carefully stepped and controlled approach - whilst giving the sales person freedom to be themselves and inject their personality and experience without hindrance.

After coaching the MFG method, we apply the Personal Impact learning from the first part of the Masterclass and then put everything into practice via role plays until learning is cemented as a new habit.

3. Ongoing sustainability and improvement

Like all of MFG’s training programmes, our aim is to give your team the skills they need to deliver long term benefits for your business.

Working with your management (or those responsible for the ongoing development of your Sales Team) we give them the Coaching Method - based on Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) frameworks - they can use to ensure continued success as well as the ability to analyse and manage performance in the future.



We tailor our approach to fit your needs but would usually split the sales team into two so each member of the sales team benefits from two half day sessions. We include Team Leaders and management in the training sessions too.

A typical schedule is as follows:

Day 1 (AM) – Sales Team 1 & Leadership Representatives*
Personal Impact & The MFG Method

Day 1 (PM) – Sales Team 2 & Leadership Representatives*
Personal Impact & The MFG Method

Day 2 (9:30 to 14:00) - Sales Teams 1 & 2
Coaching Sessions With Role Play

Day 2 (14:30 to 17:30) - Team Leaders & Management*
Coach the Coach Sessions

*It is vital that those responsible for the development of your Sales Team take part in the sessions as outlined above to ensure they have a full understanding of the MFG method and develop the ability to coach for further improvement.



The immediate outcomes are obvious - more sales from the same number of enquiries. However, you will also benefit from the following:

Improved quality of appointment - buyers will arrive in a higher motivational state and therefore close more easily (you will see an increase in the conversion rate from appointment to sale).

Improved add-on product sales - a higher level of motivation, trust and professionalism will deliver more add-on product sales.

Increase in personal effectiveness - the Personal Impact element is highly transferable to other areas of business (and personal) life. We see delegates become more self-aware and more considered in their approach to customers, colleagues and management alike.

Coaching ability for leaders - the coaching method we train with your team leaders is transferable to all aspects of their leadership, performance management and personal effectiveness. It follows ILM principles so you will see an improvement in all aspects of their coaching and mentoring ability.



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