Sales Manager's Toolkit: Reward

Following on from the concept of recognising achievement within your team or organisation, we’ve identified the key types of praise that can be used on a daily basis and some tips on how to utilise them.

1. Personal Praise

Personal praise is widely recognised as being the most important (and easiest) form of acknowledgement.

Tips for using personal praise:

  • Make a list of everyone in your team. Twice a week review the names on the list and decide whether anyone has done anything worthy of praise. If they have, send them an email, a short note or brief voicemail thanking them for their efforts. If nobody has – then don’t praise them as this will undermine the process. If used correctly and consistently, this strategy always works and it’s totally free!
  • Depending on the scale of the achievement (closing a major deal etc.) ensure that the personal praise is delivered by the most senior member of your organisation.
  • You can praise people directly, in front of others or even when they are not around – knowing that it will get back to them.
  • When someone leaves the office at the end of the day, say goodbye and thank them for their effort that day.
  • The act of getting up out of your chair to positively seek someone out for praise sends a multitude of positive messages to the recipient.

2. Written Praise

Written praise is also very valuable and comes in several varieties.

Tips for Written Praise:

  • Post a thank you note on the employee’s door, desk or computer.
  • Write a letter of praise to employees to recognise their specific contributions and accomplishments; send a copy to your boss or senior managers and to the HR department.
  • Provide managers with specially printed packets of thank you notes to hand out to employees who do exceptional work.
  • If a customer sends a message personally mentioning a member of your team by name, write a positive note on the message and forward the letter to the employee.

3. Public Praise

Public recognition can be highly desirable and there are literally dozens of ways to utilise it to your advantage. 

Tips for Public Praise:

  • Ensure employees have an opportunity to ‘brag’ about their achievements to senior management.
  • Learn all the first names of the people you work with and greet them sincerely irrespective of their position within the company.
  • When discussing an employee’s ideas with other people, make sure you give them credit.
  • Acknowledge individual’s achievements by using employee’s names when preparing reports etc.
  • Take time to introduce senior management to individuals and groups who have made significant contributions.
  • Use charts or posters to show how well an employee or group is performing.
  • Develop a behind the scenes award for those whose actions are not usually in the limelight.

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