Sales Manager's Toolkit: The Importance Of Leadership

As an effective leader you can help inspire individuals in your team to do whatever they can to achieve the best results possible for each other - and your organisation. But, what makes a great leader?

Effective leadership is about getting people to move in the right direction, gaining their commitment and motivating them to achieve their targets and goals.

Leadership Qualities

The qualities required of leaders may vary somewhat in different situations but research into - and analysis of - effective leaders has identified a number of generic characteristics which good leaders are likely to have:

  1. Enthusiasm to get things done and the ability to effectively communicate your goals to other people
  2. Confidence to believe in yourself and your ability without portraying over-confidence or arrogance
  3. Toughness to show resilience, tenacity and the need for high standards. Seeking respect but not necessarily popularity
  4. Integrity to be true to yourself - encompassing personal wholeness, soundness and honesty which inspire trust
  5. Warmth to take a genuine and active interest in your team, their lives and a considerate approach to all members of staff regardless of position and look after their welfare
  6. Humility to be willing to listen and take the blame when necessary for the good of the team - try to seek opportunities to praise others
  7. Courage to have the capacity and the willingness to take initiatives, risks and be responsible for the outcomes whilst maintaining composure under pressure
  8. Motivation to address those issues that allow others to progress in their work and to develop their capabilities
  9. Curiosity to commit to continuous learning and improving, as well as sharing knowledge and ideas freely with others
  10. Initiative to create a climate of innovation and to think outside the box and learn from mistakes
  11. Willingness to accept change, the ability to manage it and convey the benefits in a positive and objective way
  12. Adaptability to take into account the complexity of the environment and work fluidly within the situation
  13. Credibility to lead from the front and set the example - don't expect others to do things that you would not be prepared to do yourself
  14. Goal focused to ensure you set clear, unambiguous goals that you and your team can reach
  15. Teamwork to make your team members feel valued, worthwhile and integrated, they are by far your strongest asset if 'used' correctly

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