Sales Manager's Toolkit: Effective Teams

We don’t often get a chance to install a team from scratch so it’s likely that you’ll have to work with the team at your disposal and do whatever you can to maximise its operating ability.

An effective team is more likely to be one in which the structure, leadership and methods of operation are relevant to the requirements of the task at hand.

There will be commitment to the whole group task and people will have been grouped together in a way that ensures that they are related to each other by way of achieving the end goal both collectively and individually.

In an effective team, its purpose is clear and its members feel that the task is important both to them and to the organisation.

Ten Features of a Well-Functioning Team

  1. The atmosphere tends to be informal, comfortable and relaxed.
  2. There is a lot of discussion in which everyone participates with a clear focus on the end task.
  3. The task or objective of the team is well understood and accepted by all members of the team.
  4. The members listen to each other and every idea is given a hearing without fear of ridicule or jest.
  5. There is disagreement. Disagreements are not suppressed or overridden by premature team action and the reasons are carefully examined before the team seeks to resolve them.
  6. Most decisions are reached by consensus in which it is clear that everybody is in general agreement.
  7. Criticism is frequent, frank and relatively comfortable. There is little evidence of personal attack, either openly or in a hidden fashion.
  8. People are free to express their feelings as well as their ideas both on the problem and on the group’s operation.
  9. When action is taken, clear assignments are made and accepted.
  10. The leader of the team does not dominate it, nor does the team defer unduly to him or her. There is little evidence of a struggle for power as the team operates. The issue is not who controls, but how the job gets done.

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