Anna (Florence) Hodgkins MFG Memorial Event

We tragically lost our friend and colleague Anna Hodgkins (née Forbes) following a road accident in January this year.    

In honour of Anna, MFG would like to partner with an automotive dealer/dealer group to run an MFG prospecting event with all of our fees going into a trust fund for Anna’s young daughter Florence.    

How does it work?    
Just like a traditional (paid for) event, the MFG team will conduct their training and calling sessions with your team at your location for no fee. We will then donate the ‘cost’ of our event in line with our 2017 pricing to Florence’s fund.    

What do we need from you?    
We are looking for a dealer that - in the spirit of this cause - would make a contribution for each appointment generated that would go to the Warwickshire Air Ambulance who came as first responders to Anna.    

A unique opportunity    
All sales of cars at the dealership will remain that of the dealership – so this is a great opportunity to help us remember our colleague and friend and also for you to spike sales and train your staff. 

We aim for this event to take place in Qtr. 3 2017.     

Do you have what it takes?    
If you would like to be considered, please contact Declan Gaule on +44 (0) 7779 303849 or email with a brief overview (50 words or less) of why you think you are the best dealer to partner with us on this initiative.