Up close with...Pita Marroni

In the first in our series of trainer profiles we introduce trainer Pita Marroni.

With over 25 years' of retail experience, Pita understands your business, team and customers. He utilises practical retailer experience and combines it with enjoyable, motivating and innovative ways to achieve a great result for you and your team.

Here are some facts you probably didn't know about Pita...

Favourite comedian: Rob Brydon

Star Sign: Pisces

Favourite Sweets: Peanut M&Ms

Tea/Coffee (Spec): Black tea or coffee

Unique talent: Pita is a foodie - he loves to cook for friends and family in his outdoor wood oven, tandoor or wok burner.

Pita's training prop: Communication skills - professional and fun with lots of positive energy!


“Fantastic training. A breath of fresh air being taught by someone who has 30 years’
experience in the motor trade - from Sales Executive to Dealer Principal - who understands
how a dealership works from day to day. Highlighted the importance of phrasing words in
the correct way and having a structure to the message you need to get across. I will use the
techniques shown to me for the rest of my working life!”

Stuart Dighton (Sales Executive) Bentley Essex