Sales Manager's Toolkit: Improving Team Performance

It's no coincidence that the best performing dealerships have the best performing teams - so what can you do to help inspire those around you?

Make the most of your time

As mentioned in a previous issue - if there is no real business case for hosting a meeting then don’t have one! The tradition of having a regular meeting can become a habit but is it really necessary? 

Think about how you will be measured - will it be by the number of meetings you hold or by the volume of units sold? Or the profit margin you retained on those deals?

If you can justify a regular meeting, every day or week or month then do it. But make sure you think about how the meeting is helping you to meet your targets.

It could be that the time spent in that meeting could be better utilised elsewhere – in 1:1 coaching or spending time with your team to work towards your targets. Invest time in those around you to help improve sales and deliver a better customer experience. 

The power of praise

Whatever your personal management style, the vast majority of successful leaders understand the importance of support and encouragement to the improved performance of their team.

While a pay rise or bonus can buoy up your staff for a short time, it locks people in a vicious cycle of requiring another boost in order to feel satisfied that they are progressing in their role. This is unsustainable and eventually unrewarding.

Think instead about how you can use praise as a method for improving performance. By understanding what the individual members in the team find important you can use this information to help motivate them.

Praise is an incredibly powerful tool – it unlocks people and allows them to perform in ways they may not have thought possible; contributing to an improved overall team performance.

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