Sales Manager's Toolkit: Measuring Progress

We’ve all heard the old business adage “what gets measured, gets done” – the reason this phrase is so often repeated is quite simply that it’s true! 

Unless the task of monitoring the results of actions agreed upon in the meeting is assigned, they will not be measured. This can have negative effects: you and the team will not know whether you have been successful in improving business performance and the negative perception of meetings is furthered as no changes occur as a result.

So how will you do it? Who will you select to do this work? How will you agree the performance measures to use?

Get the team to decide. They can identify who has the talents, the focus and the time to ensure a positive outcome. By utilising the power of the team you share the task between you and no one feels put upon.

Next consider how the results will be shared. Another meeting seems like overkill – a simple email ensures that everyone gets the results and can share their comments. You can always schedule another meeting once the criteria of a meeting being needed are met.

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