Sales Manager's Toolkit: Bring a Coaching Attitude into Meetings

The transition from a role as a leader to one of coach is one of the most difficult you will experience in your working life – but it is an incredibly rewarding one. Once you make this step you can benefit from the full potential of the team rather than undertaking the work yourself.

Rather than telling people what to do, start to ask “what shall we do?” Imagine yourself asking the team in the meeting, “How might we improve our used car stock turnover?”, or “What can we do to improve our footfall at weekends?” Simply asking the team, not telling them can make a huge difference.

Remember – once you have asked the question you must be prepared for the answers that follow. It is important not to pooh pooh someone’s ideas or be overly critical.

By taking this attitude into meetings you can share the burden of seeking solutions to problems and it creates a safe environment for everybody to contribute and ultimately improve results.

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