Sales Manager's Toolkit: Making Meetings Meaningful

Monday meetings, the morning sales meeting or the monthly review meeting – it’s easy to fall into the trap of booking in meetings for the sake of it. It is crucial to ensure that every meeting you have has a real purpose and will yield real benefits otherwise it is just dead time.

So often regular meetings are scheduled in quite simply because that’s how things have always been done – or how a predecessor did things – but it’s time to break the cycle. Meetings with no solid agenda waste your time and everyone else’s and cost the company money.

Review actual needs, how you can improve productivity or solve business problems. If this meeting won’t help against these objectives – don’t have it. It’s simple when you look at it this way.

Going forward ensure that you only have meetings that add something and have a real purpose. Be brutal – if the reasons aren’t there, cancel it. It takes practice but learning to do this will reward you and the team in the long run.

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