Sales Manager's Toolkit: Create the Right Atmosphere

Once you’ve nailed the preparation for your meeting, it’s time to focus on making sure you set the right tone when participants get together. If the atmosphere’s flat then it’s unlikely to be a success but create a buzz and you’ll be amazed at the energy and the results.

Choosing a venue that suits the type of meeting you are hosting is very important. If it is a large formal gathering, select a conference room. For a more casual communication, this can take place in the office, breakout area or even in a local café or coffee shop.

The major concern when arranging a meeting will be who is going to chair and record the comments that arise – as you called the meeting both roles should fall to you.

Start the meeting by recapping the invitation, set the focus clearly on the Aims and Objectives and make clear the amount of time you have available and the subsequent need for focus and clarity. Nothing kills meetings more than someone’s individual meanderings and loss of focus.

Where possible stick to an agreed time slot for each topic to be discussed and don’t be afraid to interject if the conversation wanders off the critical topic.

By setting the session up yourself – you are in control. If you are usually humorous don’t change because it is a meeting. However, make sure you keep the atmosphere professional, businesslike and, most of all, productive.

At the close of the meeting you should always:

•    Thank everyone for their attendance and participation
•    Review all of the agreed points
•    Assign someone to take forward all of the agreed actions
•    Make it clear what the next steps will be – schedule another meeting?
•    Tell everyone when they can expect a written summary of the meeting

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