Sales Manager's Toolkit: Prepare for Meetings

Too many people believe it is enough to simply call a meeting and then place the burden for success on those who they have invited. However, like so much in life, a meeting and its potential benefits can be greatly improved by thorough planning and preparation. 

Clearly if you have called a meeting you have some idea – however abstract – of the result you would like to achieve and it may be useful to share this nugget of information with those you have invited!

By clearly flagging up the aims and objectives for the meeting you are giving participants time to consider what their input might be, what preparation they might need to complete prior to attending and, most importantly, what’s in it for them.

Make no bones about it, people can be selfish. If there is no benefit to them then why should they invest their time, effort and attention to YOUR meeting.

So, a key part of the preparation should be:

  • What information / support will I need?
  • Who can provide it?
  • How can I convince them that their input is valuable and will be rewarded?

By inviting only those who will add value to the meeting, you will achieve the goals you set out to achieve. You may feel it necessary to invite other stakeholders too but make it clear to them what their level of involvement will be.

Where and when will you schedule this meeting? Plan ahead and don’t assume that there will be a room available. Make sure to book it and secure it for your needs.

Make a list of participants and mail them. You might have spoken to them but make sure to put it in writing. Include details of the time, the place, the purpose, their involvement and what you hope to achieve.

And last but not least, block out the time in your diary and stick to it.

There can be no greater sin than telling people as they arrive for your meeting that something has come up and you can only spend half the time you had planned!

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