Awesome Audi

Where did January go? Off the back of our busiest year of trading in ten years, January has continued in a similar upward trajectory with record numbers of events, appointments and sales rolling in.

Two of the UK’s leading Audi Dealer Groups capitalised on a fast start and through their exceptional buy in and support of the MFG process, netted themselves over 1,900 appointments and in excess of 900 incremental sales off the back of just four hours calling!

February is full to bursting and we look forward to reporting some exceptional results across the Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz franchises during the coming days and weeks.  

March still has some capacity but it is limited and we strongly urge immediate booking to avoid disappointment.

MFG events are currently converting well over 50% from appointment to sale with an average customer show up rate in excess of 75%. Sales from show up currently convert at over 70%.

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