Why run an MFG event?

We help automotive brands, dealer groups and dealership teams realise their sales potential. With our help you can build profitable customer relationships and accelerate business growth.

What is an MFG Appointment Package?
With our two-day in-dealer prospecting package, we train Sales Executives in the skills required to generate professional appointments with potential car buyers - using existing customer data to drive increased sales.

How will my sales team benefit?
Your team will become more confident at prospecting your customers over the telephone to increase brand awareness and maximise sales. They will develop the skills to overcome customer objections and generate that all-important face-toface appointment.

Will you motivate my sales team to prospect?
Our trainers are experts in motivating and coaching even the most negative and challenging team or individual. We leave a training legacy with all of the people we work with to ensure that the skills learnt are used and applied on a daily basis - not just for a one-off event.

We ran an MFG event in 2014, how will we benefit from repeat events?
Your team should refresh and build on their skills every 3 to 6 months (which equates to 3 to 4 events per year). Our trainers add something different at each event with new training methods that keep your sales teams motivated and continue their development.

Our database hasn’t changed, what else can you offer?
We offer four additional packages that can show teams how to use your lost sale / lapsed data, can help you focus on another area of the business (such as corporate or aftersales) and can even support the launch of a new product.