10 ways we'll help you smash your targets in Q2

There are countless reasons why people come to us for help but here are 10 clear ways that we can help you to reach - and then exceed - challenging quarterly targets:

  1. Our average appointment to sale conversion ratio increased to 48% in Qtr. 1
  2. The average number of genuine ‘buying’ appointments gained per Sales Executive is currently 12
  3. Our approach is brand sensitive
  4. We take pride in leaving a genuine training legacy at every dealership we work with
  5. We only need 160 lines of customer data per Sales Executive enabling the dealer to continue marketing/ prospecting after their MFG event without the risk of re-contacting the same customers too frequently
  6. Our trainers are all ex-automotive dealer, group or manufacturer experienced and spend at least 20 hours in the dealership with you on an event
  7. We provide a full analysis of the dealer’s ‘buy-in’ and tangible ROI of direct sales from each event
  8. We are at least 50% more cost effective than than our core competitors and post better sales results across all brands
  9. We have results and testimonials from every UK automotive brand and will happily provide these to you
  10. Our latest programme uses on-brand digital marketing to sort customers by email open and click through rates

So if you need help smashing your targets in Q2 contact us now or book your next event.