Jane James

Jane is a highly experienced trainer, coach and event manager with a specific focus on consultative sales, sales management and customer relations. She has 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry, training and running flagship events and 10 years as an onboard pioneer trainer and mentor for Virgin Atlantic Airways.
Jane helps automotive retail businesses across the board - working closely with management to understand the needs of their sales, corporate sales, retention managers and aftersales teams in performance-related subjects. She uses bespoke, structured techniques for effective coaching, mentoring, performance management and continual development of teams. She ensures the best possible outcomes, higher conversions across the sales funnel and greater customer experience with a focus on maximising retention and in-bound sales opportunities from telephone, email, online and walk-in - converting as many appointments as possible into sales.  
Helping to create a solid foundation for all, Jane is also an expert at running training courses which teach customer service skills. Upselling and secret-selling is a course Jane particularly enjoys because of the instant impact it has on aftersales teams.
Jane is adept at understanding each team member. Thanks to vast experience working with people from different backgrounds, countries and cultures she recognises that sensitivity and understanding are fundamental in allowing a trainer to get to the core motives quickly and efficiently. She is an accomplished trouble-shooter, has an enormous amount of energy and an infectious enthusiasm. She is frequently applauded by the teams she works with for her organisational and motivational skills, her detail and her drive.

Core Expertise:
  • Consultative sales and prospecting
  • Leadership and sales management
  • Enquiry management
  • Upselling and secret sales
  • Customer service
  • Event management

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