George Donoghue

George is a highly experienced aftersales professional focusing primarily on improvements in aftersales selling skills and building a more profitable service and parts department. George has over 20 years of aftersales experience and 3 years of coaching experience across the branded automotive retail industry.  

George helps automotive retailer businesses across the board - working with sales and aftersales teams in performance-related subjects. A specialist in aftersales selling skills (techniques to improve the labour and parts sales of your service team), process review (improve service department process to maximise utilisation and efficiency) and customer satisfaction (improvement of or the maintenance of your satisfaction score). 

George is customer-focused and highly analytical and uses these to help businesses improve delivery on customer experience. Helping to create a solid foundation for all, George is also an expert in parts and distribution with a focus on increasing trade parts sales and understanding the parts department.

George is a graduate of the BMW Apprentice scheme, an avid football fan and an experienced mountaineer.

Core Expertise:
  • Aftersales selling skills
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Trade parts sales
  • Learning needs analysis

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