Cliff Hogan

Cliff is a uniquely talented international motor trade sales professional, consultant and trainer - with experience working in both volume and prestige sales and management roles.

Cliff has worked the six/seven-day week, chased the targets, recruited the team and has first-hand experience of the problems that sales teams and managers face.

He can understand, motivate and develop sales executives and managers with a style that they relate to - often using his own real world experiences and passion for the industry to support ongoing improvement.

With a complete understanding of the needs and motivation of a modern sales team, Cliff is continually researching new technology and best practices and is skilled in all forms of presentation of ideas - whether it be classroom or showroom, full teams or one-on-one. Cliff especially enjoys coaching people new to the industry or Sales Managers new to managing and controlling a sales team. He takes great satisfaction in seeing people he has trained succeed. Indeed there are a large number of motor trade executives and managers who see him as their mentor.

Cliff is a massive sports fan and this plays a large part in the motivation processes Cliff uses to get his message across.

Core Expertise:
  • Consultative sales and prospecting 
  • Leadership and sales management 
  • Enquiry management 
  • Profit consultation and sales efficiencies 
  • Writing bespoke sales programmes 
  • The complete modern sales process
  • Selling in challenging markets 
  • Refocusing failing sales individuals 

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